The concept of art showcased only in galleries is obsolete. Art is everywhere, literally - the world is a palette, buildings are canvases and the streets are our galleries. Street art, as it’s commonly known, is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of traditional art venues.

Artists who choose the streets are typically making statements directly to the public, free from perceived confines of the formal art world. Often creating socially relevant content infused with esthetic value, to attract attention to a cause or as a form of "art provocation".

Many street artists have gained cult-followings, media and art world attention, and have gone on to work commercially in the styles, which made their work known on the streets. Check out some of the most fascinating street artists of our time. 

By Interesni Kazki 


By Gaia


By DALeast

By David de la Mano

By Banksy

By Herakut via

By BUDHENS stencil art

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