Hawaiian surfer Sean Yoro (aka Hula) combines his love of surfing and his artistic talent, creating large-scale realistic portraits of bathing women at different seaside locations. His work is inspired by street art and abandoned spaces that he uses as his hard-to-reach urban canvases. Carefully carrying cans of colored paint on the edge of his board, the New York-based artist applies his half submerged female portraits onto the wall. 

He's not giving away his secret on how he creates these impressive works while managing the changing high tide and low tides, balancing his paints or how long each piece takes him.

This series of work includes four female portraits, at large-scale and each painted with distinct realism. Their faces are painted on the wall, while their bodies ‘hide’ under the water’s edge — the perfect placement for them to appear as if they are peacefully floating in the surrounding sea. The image reflects onto the surface, making the faces seem as if they are looking into a mirror. 

If your looking to take a piece of Hula's work home with you, he also creates beautiful original works on wooden planks and surf boards. His online store will be opening this June.  

All photos by aaron a. Via Hula 

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