This Is Everything

We're excited to announce that fine art painter Dianne K. Webb has been selected by Sundance Cinemas Gallery of Robert Redford's Sundance Group for an exclusive exhibition! Her exhibition, entitled “The Insensible Light” will run from March 27 through June 2015 and is located at Sundance Cinema Gallery in Houston, TX.

Which Was Only Terrible

The exhibit features large-scale painted works in oil and mixed media on canvas that often combine figurative with geometric elements to express the ideas of transformation and various aspects of an individual’s ever morphing identity and are colorfully and dynamically imbued with the artist’s conceptualizations of ideas, inspirations and wonderings.

Weightless and Unaccountable

Inspired by the palette of Van Gogh, and by his tireless attempts to demonstrate the light, Dianne Webb infuses her works with the words of poet Mary Oliver who wrote about Van Gogh, “there were swans drifting over the green sea of the meadows, and no doubt on some warm afternoon he lay down and watched them, and almost thought; this is everything. What drove him to look further…”  Dianne interprets Oliver’s poetic focus on the light or the lack thereof, echoing in its depth the human journey of the psyche, with no attempt to illustrate the work in the figurative or representational, but to evoke the emotional journey of the subject - the ultimate journey of all of us. As the artist says, “The remembering of the light, the joy after the darkness, is sweeter, deeper, more complex and more compassionate.”

Look Further

The artist cites one of her main inspirations as “words, my words, your words, words of writers, poets, friends” and her work reflects the ideas of how we are human, of how we transform, how we are stuck, what has deep meaning for us, what exposes our “tender underbellies” and finally our resilience and our evolution. She infuses the expressions that capture the underlining emotional journey of these ideas into the process of creating colors and textures for her art.

Her hope is that viewers of her work will be moved to engage with her work at some point in their own journey, to find something that speaks to them, gives them pause, respite, energy, a moment of "Ahhh," or "A Ha!” 

In the Mines

Dianne Webb says the exhibited series “The Insensible Light” was inspired by the poem, Everything by Mary Oliver which begins, with "One day in Holland when Van Gogh was a boy..." and continues on to expose the tender aspects of not only Van Gogh's journey but our journey as humans. The journey of how we begin as children, seeing the beauty of nature and thinking, "this is everything." And then birth of a fire in our bellies that take us away from that simplicity into an often darker journey into our own hearts and the conditions of our humanity, until one day, after learning tenderness, we "Remember Everything" and the "Insensible Light" returns. Beauty not only lights our lives but often humbles and breaks our hearts.

The Insensible Light

On her experience of having been selected to exhibit by Sundance, the artist says, “I have been a lover of Sundance and the way in which they support independent filmmakers as art-makers and was very excited to be considered to show my work at the Houston Cinema. As a theater director, I love the idea of cross media art projects, bringing visual, performing, and literary artists together. I am very honored.”

If you are in the area, stop by the Sundance Cinemas Gallery in Houston and enjoy Dianne Webb’s fantastic work (and maybe even catch a movie!).

What's next for Dianne Webb? The artist tells us we can look forward to a cross genre exhibition of sculpture, encaustic painting, oils, acrylics, and works on paper including monotypes that she has just begun investigating. The subject is nests....and the concept is continuing to expand. So keep a look out!

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