Art unites the world. It can bring together people and communities who speak different languages and live a world away from one another. Art can ignite action, drive an agenda, heal broken spirits and offer hope in the dark. It has been said that art favors no nation, favors no race and is the one true medium that requests only that we consider it as our one true global language. Today, in this edition of Creatives You Should Know, we will share the perspectives of five artists from different parts of the world. Each one different, with unique talents and viewpoints, but together all speaking the beautiful, inspirational language of art.

Keart & Illustration (Kelly Brofall)

Stockholm based Kelly Brofall of Keart & Illustration uniquely describes herself as a “Creative Strategist”. With a background in graphic design, she also mixes digital and physical drawing to create a signature look for her art. Kelly’s work includes character design, digital arts, graphic design, painting and sketch art. Kelly says that she loves to paint people and animals with clear expressions in an abstract environment and she gets inspiration from everyday life using her artwork to process her feelings and experiences.

In November of 2013, Kelly had the first exhibition and vernissage of her paintings where many of her paintings sold to new collectors. With all of the recent attention on her art, Kelly hopes to be able to dedicate more time to her painting as she feels it is a great way to contribute to the world in a very personal way.

Born and raised in Sweden, Kelly hails from a family of creatives; her mother is an artist and her father is a guitarist and singer in a blues rock band. With that lineage, it was inevitable that Kelly would become a multi-talented artist. You can check out Kelly’s work here on StudioVox and her website

Erica Leever | Fine Art & Illustration

Fantasy, fairies, angels and animals – All magical subjects that delight the heart! Erica Leever is a dedicated artist who received the Helen Cheney Martyn Prize for Outstanding Illustration Achievement. She attended the Hartford Art School, where she graduated with a BFA in Illustration. While in college, her main subject matter was fantasy art, including many paintings of fairies, angels and other fantasy beings.

More recently Erica’s love of animals and nature has shone through, adding animal portraiture and botanical works into the fantastical mix. Although the majority of Erica’s paintings are done in acrylic paint on board with a style similar to egg tempera. For a different look and feel, she also enjoys working with oils, watercolor pencils and pastels. She creates her beautiful work in Bethlehem, Connecticut, and is available for commissioned work. You can check out Erica’s work and connect with her on her website and on StudioVox

Jeremy Kiraly Illustration

Based in Queensland, Australia, Jeremy Kiraly has been a freelance illustrator and designer within the music and apparel industry for 5 years. Jeremy says that art is an outlet for him that allows him to divulge his ruminations and communicate an idea or market a product through his graphic design.

Experimenting with different tools is important to Jeremy in finding just the right methodology for each project. When starting a new project, Jeremy prefers to begin with pencils and paper and then imports the sketches into Manga Studio or Photoshop and although he will sometimes utilize his Wacom tablet, he often finds himself going back to traditional methods.

Jeremy is greatly inspired by music and art, particularly heavy-metal bands, although he is also heavily influenced by the environment, politics, the work of artist Frank Frazetta and even his own father. Jeremy turns those influences into custom graphics he creates for bands and brands. Jeremy says that he tries to convey depth through story or subject matter and that is evident in the thoughtfulness and detail of his work. Jeremy is available for commissioned custom artwork for apparel, merchandise or whatever you dream up! You can connect with Jeremy on StudioVox and Instagram

TAR Design and Illustration LLC (Tracey Doyle)

Tracey Doyle has diverse talents as both a graphic and fine artist. Her fine art work is inspired by her travels through New England with its vast array of flowers and fruits and vegetables providing a vibrant backdrop of colors. Tracey’s design and fine art, depicts the abundant shapes and colors of New England presenting the object as something other than what it is and she describes her work as “realistic yet has a graphical flare”.

As a graphic artist, Tracey branched out on her own in 2009 and launched TAR Design and Illustration after 12 plus years in the corporate world. Based in Wilton, New Hampshire, TAR Design And Illustration is a graphic design and illustration company specializing in logo design, print & web design and illustrations for small businesses. She provides a smart, modern and high quality range of services to help brands stand out among competitors. They also offer fine arts services and offer a unique specialized service of sports illustration.

Having been born into a creative family in Newton, Massachusetts, it was inevitable that Tracey would develop a love and talent for art. Her father was a phenomenal illustrator and his abilities were inspirational to Tracey At a young age, Tracey also fell in love with sports and as a teen, was fascinated with the motion of the human form and Tracey began combining her two passions by drawing and painting sports figures. Tracey’s dream was to become a sports illustrator and a highly inspirational high school art teacher encouraged her to pursue her goal by further developing her skills and talents. He continues to be an inspiration to Tracey to this day.

Take a quick visual trip to the amazing colors and forms of New England and check out Tracey’s work here and on her site

Jorick Krooshof

Jorick Krooshof is an illustrator and graphic designer from The Netherlands who has been drawing for as long as he can remember. It started with some squared cars and some shapes that looked like people. Well, a little like people! But everything started getting a bit clearer with every drawing Jorick made and when he became a bit older, he started drawing different things like shoes, animals, vehicles, landscapes and Looney Tunes…a LOT of Looney Tunes!

Things really clarified for Jorick when he started skating and visiting skate parks and venues. Jorick was amazed by all the artwork that was on the decks, and the look and feel of the advertisements and the logo's etc. It spoke to him and he immediately thought,”I WANT THAT!” This street style of art, coupled with his love for hardcore punk music and the influence it has on art, solidified for Jorick what kind of artist he wanted to become.

After years of drawing, Jorick has developed his own style and people have started to notice and get interested. With this newfound attention to his work, Jorick is finding himself at the jumping off point for his art to soar – so look out here he comes! You can be a part of Jorick’s journey and see his very cool work on StudioVox and Facebook