Good things come to those who create! They’re featured on StudioVox! :) We’re pleased to feature five delightfully creative individuals who are all brilliantly sharing their unique creative perspectives with the world; a photographer who captures your fairytale, a cartoonist with a warped sense of humor, a photographer who sees the beauty in the everyday, a photographer with philanthropic passion and a doodler who loves to put a smile on your face. Connect and read about them today!

Mirage Photography (Jamie Long)

Breathtaking, perfection, and exquisite - These are the words all brides long to hear when reminiscing about their weddings. A fabulous photographer who captures those special moments makes the reminiscing all the sweeter. Photographer, Jamie Long has an extraordinary eye for detail and a passion for photography. Capturing a special moment or preserving a scene of beauty is what drives her to create stunning images of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Her Virginia based company Mirage Photography, specializes in non-traditional weddings & portrait photography with an emphasis on creating unique photographic principles that mirror their client’s own.

Their style has been described as modern and creative yet classically clean and full of life. This comes from Jamie’s belief that personalizing the experience for her clients results in highly unique images all their own. In fact, Mirage Photography believes in this so strongly that they only accept a limited number of wedding appointments per year. Mirage Photography is all about helping you create your individualized fairytale.

Connect with Jamie on her Website and on StudioVox

Arnie Bermudez Cartoonist

A fan of trivia and a self-proclaimed news junkie, Arnie Bermudez is a Tucson, Arizona based freelance illustrator and political cartoonist with, in his words, “a warped sense of humor”. His goal is to be a full-time millennial viral cartoonist with his work spread across social media and news sites. Arnie says. “The ability to communicate thoughts and ideas through cartooning across the world at the click of a mouse makes being timely and topical that much more significant.”

Arnie claims that he did try being a serious artist complete with beret and beard but the inability to grow facial hair coupled with the humorous irony of his life caused him to constantly wear a cynical smirk that didn't go over too well with the artsy hipster community. Alas, in a fit of sarcastic despair after stumbling into a college newspaper, he was bitten by the cartooning bug and hasn't looked back since. Arnie has worked for the Tucson Citizen as their cartoonist, and was the youngest member of their editorial board at the age of 26. He is also a featured Contributor to Fox News Latino. Arnie currently works for The Tucson Sentinel, an independent local non-profit news site.
Arnie is currently seeking syndication and representation to realize his dreams of creating a viral news storm with his art.

Check out his work on his Website and StudioVox.

Watch The Stars Wedding Photography (Gennan Shippen)

Watch the Stars combines lifestyle photography with a nostalgic flair and infuses it with a deep love of color, design, and of course a dash of...awesomeness! Genna Shippen, the owner, is passionate about her work and enjoys capturing life's most unique and memorable moments. Whether it is your wedding day, a breezy summer play date, or the best hair day of your life, Watch the Stars will strive to document every delicious detail. As artists, they see beauty in everything from a rustic bouquet of peonies to the neon green nail polish you wore on your first date and their aim is to express what is unique in you and celebrate it through pictures.

Gennan and her team are inspired by their client’s stories, loves and interests, which serve as a great influence on their work. They take great care in getting to know their clients unique perspectives so that by the time you step in front of the cameras, you feel comfortable and free to follow your instincts, have a blast, embrace the moment and let the day unfold. Gennan says, “We are fortunate that our job allows us to spend happy moments with awesome people, and in return, we provide beautiful, vibrant and timeless images that will last a lifetime.” Watch the Stars is a boutique photography studio based in Los Angeles, CA owned by Gennan Shippen. You can see some of their work here and on StudioVox

Sey Michelle Photography (Michelle Balingit)

"Photography is the magic that takes an instant and transforms it into something everlasting." This quote from freelance photographer Sey Michelle says it all. Michelle believes in creating everlasting magic through the medium of photography. She loves photographing interesting people and events and some of her services include: portraits, editorial photo shoots, video journals, events and fashion photography.

Based in Los Angeles, Michelle is attending Mount St. Mary’s college while pursuing her dreams of mirroring photography with philanthropy. Michelle has big dreams and plans to donate 50% of her photography proceeds to nonprofit organizations helping the Philippines rebuild from typhoon Haiyan. She also has plans to travel to other countries that need aid and document their lifestyles while highlighting humanitarian needs. Michelle is committed to offering customers high quality photos and service at an affordable price and is looking to expand her business to offer sliding negotiable rates tailored to her clients’ needs.

Check out her work and become part of Michelle’s journey!

Ar Tnt -Cartoonist/Caricaturist

Ar Tnt has been doodling ever since he was just a tiny four year old boy. As the years progressed, scribbles slowly started developing into features and figures and soon after, cartoons began to emerge. It was at this point that Ar Tnt knew this was what he was meant to do with his life. If there was ever a story of creative evolution, this is it.

As an architect and cartoonist, Ar Tnt believes that life is too short to be taken seriously and his cartoons invite you to enjoy the lighter side of life with their whimsical notions and lively influence. Ar Tnt enjoys his work as a cartoonist in part because cartoons take on lives of their own and impact people on a personal level. But mainly he does it because it makes him smile and hopefully puts a smile on your face too.

Do yourself a favor and check out his work here and on Facebook