I went to meeting this week where someone asked me what “StudioVox” means and why we chose it? It’s not the first time I’ve been asked that, but it surprises me every time.  Isn’t it obvious? Sure, we could have chosen StudioArmadillo or ZipZotVox or some other snazzy collection of meaningless URL letters.  Instead, we chose a name that meant something. A name we thought was a true reflection of the creative community we were bringing together.

 Let’s break it down-

stu.di.o  - [stoo-dee-oh], noun.

1.  The workroom of an artist. As a painter, sculptor or

2.  A room or place for instruction or experimentation in one
     of the performing arts: a dance studio, an acting studio.

3.  All the buildings and adjacent land required by a person
     or company engaged in the production of motion pictures,
     television, music production, video production, etc.

That pretty much sums it up; where creative people create.  Whether you work out of your garage, on your kitchen table or in an airplane hangar … creativity is born in a space defined as a studio. 


Let’s tackle Vox.

Vox  - [vox], noun. Latin for voice.

Artists, more than any other group of people, strive to find a unique voice that adds lasting, meaningful value. Whether their voice is amplified through paint, image, film or the written word, they create new perspectives, and broaden our cultural landscape. 

An artist’s voice is the underlying why of their passion and purpose. Always there, like a stalking leopard, waiting for the opportunity to pounce - To live your passion and purpose, is your voice. VOX.

There you have it, the explanation of StudioVox. 

My deepest hope for all creative people is that they have a space to create and that they let their voices be heard loud and clear. I truly believe that creativity can ultimately change the world. So the next time I have a meeting with a financial analyst who asks “Why StudioVox?”  I think I’ll say, “Because creative people are changing the world.”