Most cities support traditional notions of arts and culture - the symphony, opera, ballet and museums - but beyond those bastions of traditional culture, artists and entrepreneurs crave more diversity and are actively using fine arts to bring vibrancy, passion and renewed identities to their communities. Inglewood, California is the perfect example.

Most well know for the Los Angeles Great Western Forum, the Hollywood Park thoroughbred racetrack and the original Randy’s Donuts, (with the iconic 30-foot-tall replica of a doughnut on its roof) Inglewood is experiencing a rejuvenation. Suddenly becoming the fastest growing artist community in Los Angeles, it’s quietly grow from a generic stretch of urban landscape into a refuge for visual artists looking to escape high prices and the exclusionary vibe of more established arts districts.

A sign of Inglewood’s transformation is its annual Inglewood Open Studios Tour, a weekend-long event November 9 and 10 that attracts art lovers and art buyers to Inglewood. Each year, Inglewood opens its doors to showcase the impressive depth and talent of its community. Over 50 extraordinary artists who live and work in Inglewood open their studios to the public. The cooperative spirit between artist and a city is further fostered with free shuttle service between Studios, generously provided by the city of Inglewood. Whether as an art lover or buyer, experience the rebirth of Inglewood from 12pm-5pm, this Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, 2013.

Artist include:

Adrienne Adar, Susan Amorde, Lucy Blake-Elahi, Virginia Broersma, Miri Chais, Nina Chin, Steve Daly, Jeanne Dunn, Martin Durazo, Fay Ray, Renée Fox, Vonder Gray, Scott Grieger, Karen Hampton, Shelley Heffler, Steve Jakobsen, Lee Jordan, Rachel Kaster, Heidi Kidon, Deborah Lambert, Kara Liebowitz, Alma Lopez, Michael Maas, Muriel Mandel, Stuart Marcus, Jesus Max, Michael Massenburg, Elizabeth Maucelli, Chris Mercier, Melanie Newcombe, Felicity Nove, Emily Nyberg, Kenneth Ober, PES, David Peters, Snezana Petrovic, Mei Xian Qiu, Deborah Salt, Jan Scruton, Andrea Shapiro, Dustin Shuler, Emily Silver, Katie Sinnott, Stan Smith, Lisa C Soto, David Spanbock, Ernest Steiner, Holly Tempo, Ginger Van Hook, Luke Van Hook, Pontus Willfors and Essi Zimm.