We love our Voxers. They’re an incredibly talented group of people all on different creative journeys. Some are passionately musical, others visually inspired or for some it’s the written word. Whatever their passion, they’ve all made sacrifices and taken risks to do what they love. Just ask any of them, creating isn’t a choice it's a way of life.

In this edition of Creative Shoutouts, we’re proud to bring to your attention some very unique creatives, a designer whose goal is to beautify the internet, a musician offering music from Ghana and South Indian Carnatic music, a recording studio that donates its profits to an inner city music program, a photographer who eschews digital photography for a Nikon in full manual mode, vintage inspired website design and a recording studio that doubles as a retreat complete with chickens and sheep!

Read about them here, in this edition of Creative Shoutouts!

Emily McBride Photography

Emily McBride says photography is her life and she would love nothing more than to shoot and support her family in doing so. Based in Ohio, Emily started shooting photographs at about 6 years old and has never stopped taking photos. Although Emily’s style has evolved throughout the years, she feels her photographs always had deep meanings; understanding and finding beauty in the natural decay of abandoned buildings and conceptualizing compositions that highlight unique beauty in the world. Emily has won several awards for her work and has even been published in an international publication. In the past Emily has focused on architecture photography but for the last two years she has been exploring portraiture and that provided the opportunity to work with amazing people who have helped her create some of the most beautiful pictures she has ever taken. Emily says she enjoys feedback about her work and takes to heart every comment, using those words to make her work better. Emily doesn’t follow any specific type of photographic style, but rather she strives to make anything and any person beautiful.

Jeremy Polzel Photography

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Jeremy Polzel loves music! There really isn't any other way to put it. His creative outlet however happens to be photography and the combination of both has allowed Jeremy to do what he loves for a living! A free-lance photographer based in Nashville specializing in live music photography and band portraits, Jeremy believes there is no better place on earth to be than in Music City. From sold out arena shows to smoky bar gigs, compelling band portraits and promotional campaigns to the local church concert, if it has a beat, a groove, or it makes you throw your hands up in the air… Jeremy can photograph it and capture those musical moments forever. Creativity, evolving, pushing boundaries, client-trust - these are words that describe how Jeremy looks at every subject and every photo-shoot no matter what the environment or how small the event. Let Jeremy take your vision and make it reality.

Duncan McKnight

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Duncan McKnight is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and performer who has been composing and performing for many years. Born in California, Duncan formed Dante Esperanza before moving to Europe for 7 years where he formed and was the front man for, The Virgin Tongues and Flaming Banshees. In 2009 Duncan experienced a life changing traumatic accident in Iceland that required him to relearn everything from walking and talking to playing music. Duncan’s recovery has been a hard one, but now, over 3 years later, he is feeling confident and his singing and performing reflect the challenges and struggles he has overcome. An inspirational performer and songwriter, Duncan McKnight will move and inspire you to face life’s obstacles and come out winning!

P.M. III Productions

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P.M. III Productions is a full service project recording studio, with an emphasis on music and voice-over production. They serve primarily independent artists and producers in the Los Angeles area specializing in voice-over projects, music demos and masters. P.M. III Productions is a Pro Tools HD and Sony Sound Forge recording studio using premium quality mics and top music engineers with decades of experience. Record your original songs, vocal demos, voice-over for video, commercial and animation voice demos, or they can edit or master an existing audio production. P.M. III productions can also provide musicians and voice talent for your project if needed. Professional quality at budget prices for over 25 years, P.M. III Productions provides a discount hourly rate to indie artists.

Perfect Moment Photography

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Brandy Smith of Perfect Moment Photography specializes in natural light, location based photography. Based in Dallas, Texas Brandy has had a passion for photography for as long as she can remember. With the support of her husband, she has turned that passion into a thriving career. Shooting with a Nikon in fully manual mode, Brandy loves doing unique sessions utilizing her vivid imagination. No event is too big or too small and Brandy strives to provide quality professional photography services at an affordable price.

The Farm Recording Studio

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The Farm Recording Studio is a truly unique retreat recording studio situated on 5 acres in rural Washougal Washington, about 30 minutes from Portland. Located just minutes away from sweet swimming holes and gorgeous scenery, allowing you to do what you do best in a relaxed and professional environment. Step away from the world for a few days and really dive into your recording experience. The Farm has a great green room loft with futons, cable, mini-fridge, microwave and a sweet deck to enjoy the sunsets while you’re there. Along with professional quality mics, amps, recording rooms and instruments available, there is also plenty of fresh air, chickens and sheep! The Farm Recording Studio offers block packages that include hourly bookings and extended overnight stays so artists can record during the day and relax in the evenings, giving you space and time to dive into your music and get the most out of your recording experience.

Columbus Recording Studios

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Columbus Recording Studios, located in Columbus, Ohio is a full service audio recording studio, boasting the latest in digital sound capture methods and technology. They take pride in offering the best of the best practices to ensure that you and your audio are at optimal performance. The staff works hard to make sure their clients enjoy successful recording sessions and are satisfied with your project only when you are. We provide access and availability to top level equipment and recording professionals that other studios lack. With their combined talents and professional careers spanning over 25 years, Terry and Rebekah Douglas’ passion and attention to detail ensures you get the most out of your music. Their staff also includes veteran engineer, drum tech and talent scout Aaron Baxter whose trained ear for tweaking tracks make them sound their absolute best. Columbus Recording Studio commits a portion of all profits to Music is Life, a charity established to bring music back to the inner city. 

Greg Smolla

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Greg Smolla is a creative and melodically tasteful lead guitarist, adept at multiple genres and excelling in rock, blues, and slide guitar. A passionate player and a very energetic performer, Greg sings lead and harmony vocals, and is an inspired composer. Born and raised in Chicago, Greg was enamored by the pure emotion and soul of the blues that went down nightly in any number of Chicago’s blues clubs. Drawn to the romanticism of Jeff Beck’s pure melodies, Dickie Betts’ southern gypsy bluegrass, Leslie West’s soul, the sting of Roy Buchanan, the pure flowing genius and tone of Duane Allman & Jimi Hendrix, Greg’s music pays tribute to those who continue to inspire him to create.

True Story Designs

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True.Story Designs started back in 2010 by Danny Leif with the ambition to bring back the yesteryear in design. Incorporating both modern and vintage elements, True.Story Designs creates one-of-a-kind pieces for your next big project, with a strong emphasis on unique typography and color elements. True.Story Designs can tackle all aspects of design including logos, posters, business cards, etc., all with extreme attention to detail and strong consideration of your particular product, service or event. For a modern brand identity with a vintage flair, no one can nail it like Danny Leif and True.Story Designs does!

David Waters - dbwaters.designs

David Waters of dbwaters.designs is a freelance artist based in Charleston, South Carolina who designs, builds and manages web sites that connect to all the right people. David’s approach to design is unique; by David’s hands, for your eyes he expresses your ideas visually to create functional and intuitive websites that beautify the internet. David’s services also include logo, signage, ad design and more that incorporate his unique design approach of characterizing your thoughts and concepts with no limitations!

Josh Peters

 Music Portfolio-StudioVox

Josh Peters is a Portland, Oregon based musician and teacher offering personalized lessons, tutoring, and classes in various musical subjects. After studying jazz trumpet and composition at the University of North Texas Josh relocated to Portland in 2012. Josh has also studied and performed on, piano, guitar, electric bass, voice, and percussion. While at UNT Josh studied Ewe music from Ghana with Ewe master drummer Torgbui Gideon Foli Alorwoyie, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and Latin jazz with Jose Aponte, and South Indian Carnatic music with Poovalur Sriji (Srinivasan). Josh has performed with the UNT Latin Jazz Ensemble, UNT jazz lab bands the UNT African Drumming Ensemble, the UNT Indian Cross-cultural Ensemble, the UNT Advanced Afro-Cuban Percussion Ensemble, the UNT Brazilian Ensemble, Wesley Lunsford and a quartet with tenor saxophonist Alex Harrison. Josh currently preforms every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Secret Society Ballroom with Tezeta Band, Portland's premier Ethiopian 70's dance band.