Photography is a vibrant and important part of StudioVox so we spend a lot of time talking with photographers to find out what their challenges are. The number one question photographers ask is “How can I get more clients?” Sorry to say, there’s no easy answer for that one. In fact, the answer is …”You have to go out and make them.” Growing your customer base and expanding your creative portfolio takes a particular focus and a lot of doing.

First, you need an Action Plan - A plan for finding new clients broken down into easy actionable steps. There are two kinds of plans -- Passive and Active.

Your Passive Plan may include:

  • Redesigning your website/online portfolio
  • Getting new business cards 
  • Creating a list of places people seek photographers
  • Putting an ad in your local paper

All completely relevant, but not actively attracting new clients.

Now let’s create – An Active Plan:
(These types of activities build relationships and grow your customer base.)

  • Visit ten local boutiques and offer a voucher for free portrait sittings for their best clients.
  • Shoot action shots at local sporting events and hand out cards where players can get their shots from you online. 
  • Take photographs of local businesses and show them how they can use the shots for their websites or advertising.

(For any of the above, ask where you can email them a free shot as a thank you for their time…Now you have their email for your new client database to start growing the relationship.)

Can you see the difference? Two different types of plans - Very different results. The Passive Plan gets you nothing. The Active Plan brings new people into your life, builds relationships, grows your email list and gets you out of the house and working.

One of our favorite bloggers on the subject is Jim Harmer, of Check out his top ideas on the subject of how to make more money as a portrait photographer.
Jim knows how to make a great living doing what he loves and is generous enough to share his strategies with the photography community.

Get started today. Create an Action Plan around actively growing your business and really Do It! Your passion will show and your business will grow exponentially. With a newly defined focus and a little ingenuity you’ll grow your client base in no time and you can start earning a living doing what you love.