Artist Emmanuelle Moureaux has filled an exhibition hall with 100 shades of colors to create an ethereal, forest. This stunning display was created for the presentation of the Wood Furniture Japan Award 2016 in Tokyo.

Thousands of small branches dangle from the ceiling, dazzling in multitude of colors, intertwining and forming vibrant waves of color around tables and chairs. The idea for Moureaux’s installation came from the Japanese concept of "bunshi", which means to divide or spread out into branches.

20,000 pieces of the stylized twigs have been organized into harmonious, three dimensional grids. Together, they mimic the experience of being in a forest and wandering among the tall trees.

The branches come together and separate again, creating prismatic clusters that multiply and diverge – filling the hall and forming a path where the furniture is displayed.

Via mymodernmet and design boom   

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