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StudioVox & Sundance

An Exciting Opportunity for Artists

Exhibit your work at a Sundance Gallery

Matthew Priest


About the Opportunity

StudioVox is thrilled to announce the opportunity to exhibit your artwork at a Sundance Cinemas' Gallery. The cinemas are part of the Sundance Group, headed by Robert Redford.

It's an exceptional opportunity for fine artists and photographers to gain exposure for their work and creates an extraordinary opportunity for promotion. Selected artists' work will be featured for 3 months and will receive cross-promotion from Sundance Cinemas Galleries and StudioVox.

Below are instructions outlining how to submit your work for consideration. All work will be curated from the StudioVox platform. Once you've completed the steps, StudioVox will review your submission and submit qualified portfolios to Sundance for further curation.

Sundance Cinemas Galleries

Sundance Cinemas is part of Sundance Group*, headed by Robert Redford. These cinemas bring the finest selection of art and independent films to cities across the country.

The concept of Sundance Cinemas raises the bar with exciting facilities that feature art galleries, excellent presentation, reserved seating, and upscale amenities for a discerning audience.

Sundance Cinemas Galleries are located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston and Madison with a new theatre in Westchester County, New York slated for later this year.

*The Sundance Group is comprised of the Sundance Film Festival, Sundance Cinemas, Sundance Catalog, Sundance Resort, Sundance Channel, Sundance Preserve and the Redford Center.


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To get started, follow these simple steps:
Create an account on StudioVox
  1. Complete your profile so it represents your work well with images and an artist statement.
  2. Upload a minimum of 8 images of your best work, at least 24" to 36" wide.
  3. In your StudioVox Portfolio, create an Album entitled "For Consideration" and include the images of your work you'd like Sundance to consider.
Create a Creative Professional account on StudioVox
Email the following items to: Sundance [AT] StudioVox [dot] com
  1. The link to your completed StudioVox profile.
  2. An Artist statement (less than one page) that tells your story and why you create your unique brand of art.
  3. A high resolution image of yourself.

To be considered, you will need to have completed the above two steps and you will need to have a minimum of 10 pieces of work (ready for hanging) to display at the Sundance Cinema for a minimum of 3 months. The minimum size for works is approximately 24" to 36" wide.

Request to have your Creative Projects showcased

All work will be shown in a Sundance Cinemas Gallery for a 3 month showcase.

No work will be sold by Sundance, but your contact information will accompany your exhibit and you are free to sell any pieces on display and replace it in the Gallery.

Thanks for your participation and best of luck!

Get featured at Sundance Cinemas


What is the benefit to artists being exhibited in the Sundance Cinemas Gallery?
The exhibits are heavily promoted by Sundance Cinemas Gallery and the selected artists' works will be displayed on their website, in their newsletter and on each cinema screen. In addition, StudioVox will promote the exhibits in their community, via various social media sharing sites and other various marketing and PR strategies.
Am I responsible for the shipping, delivery and displaying of my works to the Sundance Cinemas Gallery?
Yes, the selected artist will deliver their works to the Sundance Cinemas Gallery directly and will assist Sundance in displaying the works, as per the artist's preference.
Does Sundance Cinemas Gallery carry insurance for my works while they are exhibited?
While each Sundance Cinemas Galley carries the requisite insurance that covers their general business, the exhibited works are not specifically covered. It is suggested the selected artists purchase insurance coverage as they would for other temporary exhibits (art fairs, festivals, etc.).
If I submit my work to Sundance Cinemas Gallery, do I still own it?
Yes, Sundance Cinemas Gallery will not have any ownership rights to any of your work. By exhibiting in the Sundance Cinemas Galley, you are granting them permission to use the selected works for general promotion of the exhibit. Including online and their cinema screen.
What kind of artwork can be submitted?
Artists may submit mounted, 2-D works (painting, photography, mixed media, digital media) that fit the size criteria. (A minimum of 24" x 36").
How many pieces of work do I need?
To be considered, you will need to have a minimum of 10 pieces of work (ready for hanging) to display at the Sundance Gallery for a minimum of 3 months.
Do I have to live in the area where the Gallery is located?
Sundance seeks artists who live in the region where the art will be exhibited; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Madison, WI and coming soon Westchester County, New York.
How long will my artwork be on display?
Artists should be prepared for work to be display at the Sundance Gallery for a minimum of 3 months.
While exhibiting in the Gallery, can my works be sold?
Yes, you are free to sell any works while they are exhibiting in the Sundance Cinema Gallery. You can either opt to have the buyer/collector pick up their works when the exhibit ends, or you can replace the sold piece in the gallery.