The Red Room
A place where photographers of all types come to exchange ideas and passions.
Red, because it was the light used in darkrooms for developing photographic films.
Photography versus PhotoShop
I see many photos on this site and elsewhere which have been Photoshopped in order to create dramatic effect. Some are really good however most are so obviously shopped they put me off. Dont get me wrong, I dont think Photoshopping is bad, after all the...
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Photography Challenge - Seeking Top Landscape and Wildlife Shots of 2015
Welcome to our Photography Challenge! An opportunity to get those creative juices flowing, be inspired and share your art with the world. StudioVox is hosting a challenge to find the top Landscape and Wildlife photography shots of 2015! We invite...
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Photo Clichés you Love to Hate
What are some of the photo clichs you hate? For you personally, whats an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work that has become overused to the point of exhaustion?
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Lol, Clinton. I agree with you on the color popping. Cant stand it myself
Im with Clinton on this. Color popping should never be used! EVER
Can Street Photographers Cross the Line of Privacy?
Photographers capture moments that no one else sees and shares them with the world. Do you think a line gets crossed when photographers dont ask permission to take a picture and then sell it?
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Though street photogs are not obligated to ask permission, they can get into legal trouble if they publish a photo theyve taken, a person in the photo sees it and objects to their photo being taken. One is supposed to get peoples permission or get them...
I definitely feel permission should be required. Ill capture a shot first because I want it to remain candid. Ill then go up to the person and ask for permission or have them sign a release. Is it a pain? Yes, but a little pain is worth not being in legal...
Being a photographer in a changing world
To all fellow photographers Id like to leave a question: in your opinion what does it takes to be a photographer nowadays?
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to be a photographer these days you need a camera, curiosity, vision, and an active imagination.
Thank you for your contributions. They mention some of the questions that we can talk to address the issue. Perhaps Mark Allan as placed a fundamental question: what kind of photographer? In response I would say that it is a photographer for whom photography...
What's your creative process behind your shots?
What does your creative process look like?Is it spontaneous or planned out?
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Both for me. Im just a likely to take a spontaneous photography trip and plan one out as well. More spontaneous than anything though.
like Aiden... It is a combo of both... the planned part basically is that I may plan a location/site to explore for photos. The rest of my creative process is spontaneous because there are lots of photos already there... I just have to find them. My minds...
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