Mixed Media
Vvube Video Contest
The management ofVvubeis pleased to announce the contest that allows users to win Prize by uploading their unique videos toVvube.com To participate in this contest, you need to do the following things :- You need to upload video at Vvube.com and get...
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Is Conceptual Art Passé?
Is Conceptual Art Even Art - Should it be given another classification?
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Interesting topic. I dont think it should be given a different classification. Its definitely different than traditional art. Its intended to convey an idea or concept and does not need to involve the creation or appreciation of a traditional art object...
Artistically Im about as far from being a conceptual artist as you can get, but I do enjoy it. I dont think its passe as much as artists are having a more challenging time coming up with original conceptual ideas that really push boundaries to drive shifts...
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